A happy ending with Lola Foxx

Today you went on a blind date with Lola and you were a perfect gentleman. Lola appreciates it, but she wonders if you had a good enough time. Did you? Do you think she is pretty? You did not really check her out all night and she is a little hurt. Why did you not try to kiss her? You tell her that you did not want to blow it, so you were on your very best behavior. Now, though, Lola wants to show you a little something. She wants you to really check her out this time. She removes her dress and shows off her body. Lola stands before you wearing just panties. Why don’t you make yourself more comfortable? The bulge in your pants shows Lola that you think she is pretty and she really wants to see your dick. Take it out. Can you get it hard for her? She wants to see your dick rock-hard. Lola has small, perky titties. Though she does not put out on a first date, you think that this is not such a bad deal. Your date is showing you how to jerk off while she is naked on your couch! She can tell that you are getting close to cumming and she directs you to jack it faster and faster. When you cum, she asks you to do it right on her hairless pussy. You cover her with your hot cream and wonder what might happen on your next date.


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