ATK Girlfriends – Gina Valentina

Gina Valentina – The creampie flows out of her tight pussy

Date published: December 19, 2015

Gina is making herself pretty for you so you can go out to see a show. She looks smokin’ hot in black knee-high boots and a tight black dress. She hits the weed pipe before you head out, and she opens her legs to show you what you will be eating later. She buries her face in a delicious steak before the show. She was so impressed with Mystere, and so grateful you took her. You get to play with her pussy back at the room, but she’s going to save the great sex until the following morning. She joins you on the couch to have some fun with your cock. After she finishes giving you a footjob in reverse cowgirl, she mounts your cock. Her pussy looks really tight by the way her lips hug your cock and she moves up and down. Once she’s loosened up you pound her doggy style. Your finger wanders towards her asshole for a little extra fun. You continue on the bed and give her sexy feet extra love (since they’re SO sexy). You fill her little Latina pussy with a good creampie, and then scoop it out with your finger. Wow, where will you take her next?

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