Breathing Is Overrated Two

You are back for more of my sweet ass and pussy stink! Before I smother you with my glorious ass, I make you get on your knees and sniff and lick my asshole through my special assless panties. Then I take them off and put them over your head so that you get a double dose of my ass and pussy stink while I smother and grind my ass into your face. Now it’s time to lay on your back and try not to pass out from my intoxicating smell! I will let you take a deep breath just before I sit on your face and release my butt cheek on your nose! You will see the full close up view of my ass and pussy as I tease you and then I position myself right on your face and then blackness. All you hear is my voice telling you how lucky your are to have my prefect round ass on your face! As you fight to breathe all you are able to take in is my ass and pussy scent. I release you only to turn around and straddle you again. I open my beautiful pussy lips and wrap them around your nose. Can you breathe? No! Good! This is a very hot POV “Smother” Fetish clip. This is for all my Ass and Smother fans! This clip includes POV ASS SMOTHERING, ASS WORSHIP, ASS SPREADING, PUSSY SMOTHERING, EXTREME CLOSE UP’s and BREATHING CONTROLE.

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