Cum for mommy!

Cum for mommy!

Late night vist incestuous sex with mother and son. satin lingerie and cfnm cum
Nights like this make you want to live with mother your whole life. Your father doesn’t give me what I need. his cock is ok.but it’s always the same thing.him on top of me and trying to fuck me but all I feel is the warm load he leaves in my pussy when he sad, so boring.but thinking about you and how you want me and the things that turn you on about me.oh mmm now that is an exciting situation. it’s such a morbid sexy thought.just thinking about it makes me so wet. and I know that you have been fantasising alot about me since you were in your early .all my satin panties started to get real messy during those years.but I knew it was just part of you growing up and feeling attracted to the woman closest to you, is the most natural thing to feel in those difficult years of any young man’s life growing up.But now all grown up, things haven’t changed much for the good.I found some satin nighties and panties you stole from me stashed under your bed the other night when I was cleaning your room.And it got me thinking that you still have a thing for mommy and my silky wear.wanna still be mommies little naughty boy, that still takes mums things?.Do you think about me when you smell them and use my silky lingerie around your cock to cum?

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