Drinking With Daddy

Drinking With Daddy

Dear Diary
Living with 2 sisters is really difficult sometimes so when Daddy offered to take me to the beach house I was happy for the break. The first evening there I went in to thank Daddy and watch some tv. We started talking and I asked him for a sip of his drink. Daddy let me have quite a bit and then things got strange.
My own father started hitting on me and groping my breasts. I tried to resist but in truth it turned me on. Daddy was so different from my other boys and made my body tingle at his every touch.
Between being tipsy and really horny Daddy soon had me naked and sucking his cock. It was much bigger than I expected so I was a bit afraid but when I sat on Daddys lap it slid in my pussy just fine. Daddy did things to me no other boy has and it was very orgasmic until daddy blew his cum inside me not realizing I wasn’t on the pill. This could be very bad. Wish me luck.
Xo Lilith

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