Escort Gold Digger

I am an escort at my hotel room waiting for my client. He comes to the door and when I open it, I see that its you, my boyfriend’s father!! We are both surprised and flustered. Mandy Flores. I tell you that this must remain a secret between the two of us and promise i wont tell. I do still need half of the fee.. $500 because the agency needs to get paid, You hand me $1,000, which confuses me, but I quickly realize you still want your monies worth and begin to tease you. I love that you want to fuck me. I ask you if you have ever fantasized about me and learn other secrets and promise that I will never tell if you dont. I confess I only wanted your son for YOUR money and now Im going to enjoy it much sooner. I start a slow strip tease as you take off your pants. I deserved to be spoiled and you are a real man with real money and I manipulate you into agreeing to be my sugar daddy. Which each item of clothing I remove comes with a cost. Car payment, credit card payments, rent and so on. We begin to fuck and I have a sinister idea to call your son while we are doing it to break up with him. Listen as I laugh that I get the both of you to betray the other just for my attention.

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