Foxi Di – Foxi Di executive woman

Teens-Legshow –executive woman

Foxi Di enters the office of her boss, sits down on a chair and cross her legs. She is wearing a business-outfit, but way too sexy for serious business.Foxi Di looks unhappy and worried, because it?s not a nice conversation. Foxi Di unpacks a scribbling block and begins to write down something,as the boss is dictating lot of new tasks to her. She looks uncertain and after one or two minutes, she stands up, turns on herself and starts to undress herself, the boss has changed his mind and wants to see her body now, he commands Foxi Di to do so. She isn?t smiling, she doesn?t enjoy the whole situation . then, she even starts to dance, unwillingly in a sexy way and then suck and fuck in POV style.

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