Fucked by the Police

The clip starts with with me hearing an aggressive knock at my front door and yells of “It’s the Police! Open up!”. Open the door to find you there, Officer Fl0res. You’re dressed in a police officers outfit, not like a slutty version, just kinda normal shirt, pants, but tight fitting, and high heeled boots. You’re also wearing a police hat and mirrored aviators and your hair is done back in a tight ponytail. I let you inside and you then tell me that you’ve been getting noise complaints from my apartment, I reply that I will turn it down no problem, but you won’t hear it, you say that I am under arrest and that I have to come with you, I resist. You pull out your g.un and point it at me and start yelling at me. You say something along the lines of “I’ll teach you to be quiet” and then hit me along side the head with the g.un, knocking me out. The scene fades back in to me handcuffed in a chair and your standing over me pointing the g.un at me with one hand and fondling my dick (using the prop dick that you have). Telling me to shut up, that college kids like me never listen and that you will make at least some use out of me. You force me to fuck you essentially and threaten my life with your g.un constantly. MANDY. From here go on with handjob, blowjob, titty fuck (if possible) cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, FL0RES. with you always pointing the g.un at me and threatening me, telling me no one will believe me. Finally forcing me cum in your mouth.


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