Geisha Princess (1960)

Actress: Alice Wong, Debbie Chin, Jannice Tran, Chris, Tanya Chai, Andy Warhole, Jee Sukothai, Krist Cabrera, Krissi, Shelby, Wei, Andre.

From the outer reaches of the Far East to the Chinatown section of San Francisco comes a mouth watering collection of tasty Asian morsels, all eagerly pursuing the pleasures of the flesh before your eagerly awaiting eyes. Beautiful slop-eyed women, with long black hair cascading down their backs and over curvy found asses, are only too happy to please both their partners and themselves in a non-stop frenzy of sexual action. Oriental Brides, Chinese fortune cookie nookie, and salacious servant girls are all here to do your sexual bidding in Geisha Princess.

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