Good jerker boy

I need you to do something for Me today. I know you want to be My good boy. -hehe- Yes you do. you like that. MMM. I need you to stroke to Me. I want you to jerk up and down because I know you want to be good for Me.I need you to be My jerk boy.Stroke up and down for Me. Worshiping your Goddess.
Feels so good to do that. -hehe- you are MY jerk boy and you are going to stroke and stroke for Me. Every day. I’m your GOddess and you will do as you are told. because you want to please ME. you need to get on your knees every time you think of Me. My jerk boy.
I need you to repeat something for Me. Say: “I’m Goddess Vikki’s jerk boy”.
I’m going to count you down to cum, you are going to make a worship puddle for Me. you can never hold back your load for Me, I turn you on so much.
Includes: Erotic, Sensual, Mesmerizing, Topless, Nude, Goddess Worship, Dirty Talk, Fetish, Jerk Off Instruction, Cum Countdown.

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