Henessy A, Nekane – And In The End Episode 1 – Immaculate

Viv Thomas – Henessy A, Nekane – And In The End Episode 1 – Immaculate

After an opening credits sequence that features Henessy dancing sexily, Spanish beauty Nekane – making her VT debut – arrives and begins searching the apartment for her. The tension between the girls is evident as Henessy says that she is leaving. But as she tries to explain, Nekane grabs her for a passionate kiss. They move to the bedroom, reminiscing about the time they have spent there together; Nekane joins Henessy on the bed and they begin to kiss again, more tenderly this time. Nekane undresses and sits astride Henessy’s face, her big natural breasts jiggling as Henessy’s tongue swipes between her pussy lips. She turns around into a sixty-nine, Henessy sucking and fingering her vigorously. After her climax the mood momentarily turns sad again; Henessy goes into the bathroom but Nekane follows her in, undressing her and kneeling to lick her puffy clit. Her skilful tongue-work quickly brings Henessy to boiling point, before she finger-bangs her to an explosive orgasm. It’s a bittersweet ending, as the girls embrace one last time on the balcony.



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