Humiliation over the phone with Sara Luvv

You like jerking off with your door open. You hope that someone will walk by and see you in the act. Again you have done this and your step sister’s friend saw you. Now your step sister Sara is threatening to tell your parents about this. Sara is on the phone with this friend and they decide that you have to do whatever they say. Sara is grossed out by you, but she wants to make sure that she has some dirt on you. She tells you to start jerking it and her friend helps by giving instructions on the phone. Her first instruction is that Sara should encourage you visually, so Sara shows you her titties. That definitely got you hard and you get to work on your shaft. To further humiliate you, you are ordered to stand up on one foot while jacking off. Now you are told to squat and jerk. Sara’s friend is a bitch! You do as you are told because you do not want to get into trouble with your parents. As you suck on Sara’s toes, you feel quite happy. You have always loved toes! Next the girls tell you to put one finger in your ass as you stroke. This sounds gross to you, but you do it. It kind of feels good, much to your surprise. The girls want to make sure that you cum today and you already know that you will. When Sara shows you her pussy, you feel the precum leaking form your dick. Then Sara announces that there will be a surprise for you. You wonder what it could possibly be, so you keep following orders. You are asked to cum into your hand and eat it. You are disgusted by this request, but you feel that you have no other options. You do it and immediately feel like you might gag. Sara seems pleased by your humiliation, so she promises not to tell your parents about what a little pervert you are.

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