I am way out of your league!

Sadie knows how much you want a sexy girl like her, but she is too hot for you. Definitely out of your league, she is amused that your dick is hard immediately. She shows you her titties and you see her puffy nipples. There is absolutely no way that Sadie would ever fuck you, so forget it and keep stroking off to her instead. She turns to show you the ass that you can never touch. It looks so smooth and juicy, but it looks even better when she rolls down her shorts and spreads those cheeks nice and wide for you. Her teasing nature seems to turn you on. She is only slightly humiliating you, but you like it more than you thought you would. Sadie offers a small bit of her saliva as dick lube and you happily take it, knowing that you will never get anything else of her body. In case you did not already understand, you cannot cum unless and until Sadie says that you can. Keep stroking off, loser! She is certain to remind you of all the things that she will never do with you, further exciting you. You can cum now, but do not get a single drop of your nasty boy juice on precious Sadie because she is totally out of your league


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