“I Dare You”..Brother Sister Incest Game

“I Dare You”..Brother Sister Incest Game

Rachel had her hands full with raising her 2 offspring. She moved away from the city when they were young to keep them sheltered. They began to tire of the quiet life and questioned their strict mothers rules. Rachel sent them off to bed early. They shared a room their entire lives. Charlene and her brother Nick were not shy around each other because of this. Nick and Charlene could not fall asleep so they decided to play a dare game. They dared easy things at first like stealing Rachel’s purse and peeking in it, Nick found $20.00 and a big bottle of lube. Charlene was grossed out thinking about her mom masturbating, they both giggled. Then Nick dared Charlene to take her top off, she told him to take his shirt off, she dared him to use the lube, he dared her to use it on him, she got shy and dared him to touch tongues. Now they were both excited but they did not know who would move first. After a few more dares and jokes. Charlene was dared to get him hard, she took the dare and sucked her brother’s cock. He sat quiet as she did. Then she dared him to lick her sweet pussy. They had been so far removed from friends and social life that their urges were past them being siblings. The dare went as far as it could with both of them fucking their brains out and loving every minute of it. When Nick was ready to cum he dared his sister to hold it in her mouth, show it to him and swallow every drop. Now they knew what they could do for boredom.

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