I wish that load was in my mouth

Mia thinks that she can sense something exciting between the two of you. You feel it, too, but you are far too shy to say anything to her. She saw you touching yourself the other day, but she wants to see more. She wonders if you and your son look alike down there. Please, just unzip your pants and let Mia see for herself. Yes, like father like son! Mia likes what you have to offer and she hopes you will jack yourself off for her right here and now. As your dick gets hard, Mia takes off her bra for you and you see her small, perky titties. Then she turns to show off her pretty ass. Those thigh-high stockings also have your attention. Your hand swiftly moves up and down your shaft as Mia continues teasing you. You are focused on her ass, but you see a few sexy tattoos on her body. Mia is really turned on watching you handle your business right there in front of her and she is excited to see what kind of a load you have to offer her. “Can I call you daddy?” she asks. That is more than enough to bring your to your climax and your balls put forth a mighty load just for sexy (and grateful) Mia.


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