Impregnating Mommy

Good morning, sleepy head. You’ve got a big day ahead of you is the day you become a man. Isn’t that exciting. To be a man, you have to do things to make other people Mommy. Some of those things might be hard. Shh honey.let me touch you.
Do you play with yourself? What is the white stuff that comes out of your penis for.yes, sweetie, it’s for making bab!es. Well Daddy’s semen isn’t very good at making bab!es anymore. You want to make Mommy happy because you’re a big boy.a man now. Mmm isn’t this want to put your penis inside of Mommy’s vagina because it’s nice and warm. Yes.Ohhh.honey you’re doing so well. I’m so proud of you.Ohhh!
Fantasy includes: impregnation fantasy, taboo, mother/son, milf, seduction, virtual foreplay, virtual sex, riding, missionary, pregnant, virtual nipple sucking, silk, pov sex

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