Jacking it for sexy cocoa 18-year-old Nikki Ford

You have a thing for your baby sitter Nikki. She is 18 and she wants you to buy her some beer for a party. Will you do it for her? Pretty please? She promises to make it worth your while. Her cocoa skin is soon completely exposed right there in front of you. Nikki asks you to take off your pants. She wants you to jerk off while she watches. You love that she is telling you what to do with your own dick. Nikki loves knowing that she can make your dick hard with her voice, but she thinks you can use a little more. She turns around and puts her big black ass in the air and you watch her jiggle and bounce. What you really would like is to grab her ass and drive your cock deep inside of her. Right now, though, you have to handle your own business. Nikki can tell that you are ready to cum, so she gives you her tongue as a target. This hungry slut takes every drop you offer her.


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