Jacking off for tall girl Lyla Storm

Lyla Storm is 5’8″, so you are clearly too short for her liking. Sex will not work between the two of you, but she would like for you to jerk off for her. You are so cute and small that she wonders if your dick is also as diminutive. It is!! She is excited to see your little peen and she asks you to get it hard. You start stroking your little dick for Lyla as she begins to play with her titties. She happily directs your jack off session as she continues to be a supreme cock tease. When she offers her ass to you, your little dick is too small to even slap her ass. Pretend like you are milking your dick and do just as you are told. “Come on, shorty, use those little hands,” she teases. At least she is not as mean as most girls are about your little dick. She thinks you are totally adorable because you are so small. Lyla can tell that you are going to cum soon because your balls are shrinking up, so she counts down from ten so that you know exactly when you pop.


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