Jacking off with my best friend Sasha Heart

Sasha brought along a few fetish comic books for you to browse through in your spare time, but she has an ulterior motive. You have been best friends with Sasha for a few years now and she wants to know why you have not made a move on her. Neither of you are dating anyone, so she thinks that you should show her your cock. She refuses to leave until you show her your cock and get off for her. She will reciprocate, so you have nothing to lose. When you show her your dick, she likes what you have to offer and she shows you her titties. They are very perky and you stare at her titties as you begin to jack yourself off. Spit in your hand and use it as lube. Maybe you should use both hands on yourself. As you continue working yourself over, Sasha gets totally naked right there on your bed. Her body is amazing, and you now think that you have wasted too much time being her non-sexual friend for all these years. Her pussy hair is perfectly groomed, leaving her pussy lips hair-free. It has been long enough, Sasha decides, and she now wants you to cum for her. “Cum for me, sweetie,” she says, and you pop like a porn star!


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