Jena – Say Goodbye

Porn Mega Load – Jena – Say Goodbye

Jena is a beautiful nearly-40-year-old Bush Baby from Poland. She’s 5’4" tall, weighs 125 pounds, and she wears a C-cup bra. She’s happily married, but her husband understands that she’s got a higher than average libido, and that’s why he let her send in some amazing content to us. "I got a late start sexually," Jena told us. "I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 21. My first time was with my boyfriend at the time. We were camping, and it was in a tent." If we were camping fireside, we’d want Jena to keep us warm. Her hairy beaver would be nice to snuggle up to. But maybe the season is over for that because Jena is shaving off all of her hair!

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