Jerking it for Riley the princess

Riley loves the lollipop you gave her, with its pretty bejeweled handle. You love to spoil your princess, don’t you? Well, Riley loves when you spoil her, so she wants to reward you. She thinks that you should jerk off your dick while she licks her lollipop. Would you like to see her tiny tits? Of course you would! Riley works her lollipop while encouraging you to rub your dick. Pretend that the lollipop is your dick as her tongue flicks quickly all over its sweet surface. Knowing what you like, she turns around and exposes her little ass and then turns over to rub her pussy. She rubs the lollipop on her pussy and you would love nothing more than having a taste of her pussy on the lollipop. Unfortunately for you, Riley licks her pussy juices from the sweet treat and you get nothing. Riley wants to see you cum, but you cannot cum yet. Today you are going to be properly teased. Her wet pussy glistens with both pussy juice and the sugary mess from the lollipop. “I’m getting all sticky,” she purrs. That girl certainly knows how to work a lollipop and you are eager to get your cock between her lips, but you will have to wait to do that. She knows that you are ready to burst and Riley coaches you to cum all over the lollipop going in and out of her mouth.

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