Let’s Play Doctor (1994)

Let’s Play Doctor (1994)

Being admitted into this hospital is not as bad as it sounds! The beautiful supervisor will keep you under her close observation; the sultry nurses have just come in to give you your sponge bath; and the nymphomaniac patient from the next room has promised to return again and again and again. Hell, you’re even looking forward to your physical tomorrow! Follow a cast of nuts and nymphos from bedroom to bedroom, from operating table to coffee table in an uncontrollable romp where everyone’s operating on each other! So check yourself in, open wide and say aaahhhh. this won’t hurt a bit!

Actress: Anna Malle, Kaitlyn Ashley, Rebecca Wild, Shelby Stevens, Isis Nile, Barbara Doll, Lisa Canary, Tom Byron, TT Boy, Marc Wallice, Alex Foxe.



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