Masturbation Madness

This is without a doubt one of the most intense recordings I have made. I have made several edging videos but none with trancing because edging requires an interruption of flow so it took me a few months to get it JUST right and here it is! Over 30 tracks and 3 months but it is exactly what I want it to be and has the explosive results we both want. but for the reasons I want. Yes there is some programming involved, after all masturbation does not HAVE to be a solitary experience ONLY for self gratification. My goal is for you to not just be an observer but to be a part of MY experience. So now it’s time for an interactive experience where your edging is for purpose where masturbation becomes much more desirable, much more frequent, all you have to do is follow instructions as we go and before you know it the ache and the pleasure will become one giant explosion of lust! Yes there is some nudity. Recorded in Studio. HEADPHONES MAKES THIS A MUCH MORE INTENSE EXPERIENCE!

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