Mi Conejo Es El Mejor (1982)

Mi Conejo Es El Mejor (1982)

This is a must own for Lina Romay fans . Lina is in a reform school as the story opens, and is caught lapping another student, María Eugenia Munoz . When the guard catches them, she beats Lina with a ruler, but then cuddles the other girl, whom she is sweet on. Lina has had enough and escapes, but finds herself broke and alone in Madrid. A handsome stranger, Emilio Linder, comes to the rescue, offering her a hot bath, dinner and a warm bed. Everything seems on the up and up, and his maid, Elena Alverez, is put in charge of getting her bathed and settled into a room. Her first clue that something may be wrong is when she wakes up in the middle of the night, and finds Emilio beating then screwing Elena. After a few days in the house, Lina wants him to, even if it entails bondage and discipline. When he offers her to a business associate, Lina leaves, but returns, and the three settle into a relationship. Then, they are taken to an orgy. This doesn’t seem to bother Lina, but Emilio recruits a third woman to join their happy family.

Actress: Lina Romay, Emilio Linder, Elena Blvarez, Emilio Alonso, Carmen Carriun, María Eugenia Munoz, Verunica Arecnavaleta, Jaime Mari



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