Mother Bad Medicine

Mother Bad Medicine

My son can’t sleep, but he has a very important day tomorrow. Once in a while, I will give my over caffeinated son one of my sleeping pills. I know I shouldn’t, and so I hurry and sneak one from the medicine cabinet. “Hurry, take it and don’t tell your father, there’s just a few hours before you have to wake up, and this will help you sleep heavy and sound.” My son takes it gratefully.
I let him sleep in as long as possible before I wake him. I cheerfully tickle him awake, “rise and shine young man!” I see that the sun isn’t the only thing that’s risen, he has quite the erection in his pants. I realize that I gave him Daddy’s viagra by accident. I was in such a hurry that I grabbed the wrong medicine bottle. I can NOT allow him to go to school like this. I need to fix this right away.
I make him turn his head so he doesn’t see the sinful thing that I do to him. I stroke him up and down, and my goodness, that cock is so hard, young, and throbbing under my hands. He’s not cumming with me using my hands, and I certainly will NOT take the boy’s virginity. I tell him that he is to put it in Mommy’s bum instead. He cums inside of my bum, deep, but not a lot of cum.. his cock still needs to be drained. I suck him. I look my son in the eyes and practice the effective technique that I picked up in my college “party girl” days. He cums in my mouth. I let his cum roll around inside of my mouth, I adore the taste of him, so sweet and masculine. His cum spills out of my mouth and I wipe my chin, look down, and he is still hard as a rock. I can’t deny that I am wet, my pussy is aching to feel my son inside of me. “Please, please let Mommy. please fuck me.” I let my instinct take over as I take him deep inside of me. He thrusts inside of me, “deep, deeper!” He cums inside of me, what a man he has become. Things will be a lot different in our home from now on, my son and I have a very, very special relationship. Don’t judge me.

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