Mother Manipulator Fuck Her Son

Mother Manipulator Fuck Her Son

Rachel is very possessive of her son Michael. During one of his visits home, she is dismayed at the number of times his girlfriend Suzy phones to talk with him. It seems the mother can barely have a conversation with Michael for the constant interruption of calls. The young man hurriedly answers them each time – as if frightened to keep his girlfriend waiting. This upsets Rachel even more. Aside from resenting Suzy for taking up her son’s attention and having such control over him, she also feels jealous of the deeply affectionate way he speaks to her. It is Rachel’s opinion that she should be the most important woman in her son’s life. After all, she is his loving mother. To remind him of that fact, and to take his thoughts off his girlfriend, she talks about the care she took of him when he was growing up. Back then they used to have a great deal of fun together. Often Rachel would play-wrestle with Michael and subject him to tickle-attacks. Nostalgic for those happy times, she now throws herself on her young man, hugging him tight, rolling around with him, working her fingers all over his body to make him laugh. Michael briefly loses himself in the pleasure of the moment. But then his girlfriend calls yet again. Straight away, he cuts things short with his mother to speak with her. In exasperation, Rachel tries to distract him, feigning a terrible migraine. When that doesn’t work, she storms of to her room in a huff. There she lies on her bed, bemoaning the existence of her son’s girlfriend. However, her mood soon turns to delight when Michael come in, apologizes for not giving her his undivided attention, and announces that he’s decided to stay over so he can spend a little more time with her. This is a fateful turn of events for Rachel. With just her and her son in the house that night, she senses a perfect opportunity to gain his complete loyalty once and for all. Her plan of action is wild and taboo – courtesy of her utter determination and a secret forbidden lust that she’s been harbouring for a long time. Thus, after donning a sexy see-through outfit that shows off her magnificent figure to glorious effect, she barges into her son’s room and wakes him up. Throwing herself into her arms, feigning vulnerability, she tells Michael that she heard a spooky sound in the house. Could he please come to her room and keep her company? – she asks. Though groggy and surprised, Michael does as his mother requests. Once Rachel has convinced him to settle down in her bed, she commences with an outrageous act of seduction. Mommie loves you best – she insists, giving him a more than maternal kiss. Next she starts to pose provocatively for Michael, showing him how much better built she is than his girlfriend. The ploy proves very effective. Aroused at the sight of his curvaceous mother, Michael succumbs to forbidden temptation. With startling suddenness, he finds himself locked in a passionate embrace with her – willingly sharing a hungry, tongue-twisting French-kiss. From that moment on, Rachel has her son exactly where she wants him. While persuading him more and more to chose her over his girlfriend, she leads him through the delights of foreplay – of mutual caressing, of fondling and sucking her big naked breasts. Finally, having gotten him to lick and finger her pussy until she gasps and cums, she invites him to fuck her missionary style. Young Michael relishes the chance to shove his big hard cock inside of his super hot mother. After intensely pumping her for some time, he pulls out and shoots a large streak of cum over her naked stomach. Rachel coos happily as her son’s hot cream lands on her. Drawing him into her arms for a tender post-coital hug, she hears him promise to stay with her forever. These words are all that Rachel could wish to hear. In the battle between her and Suzy, she has at last emerged victorious. It is proof indeed that a loving mother is the ultimate woman in a man’s life.

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