Mother’s Against Promiscuous Sex

Mother’s Against Promiscuous Sex

Rachel and several other women at her church became worried when their sons and daughters reached dating age. As a result they formed an action group called MOPS – Mother’s Against Promiscuous Sex. They even printed an advice pamphlet. Rachel brought one home and gave it to her own son Jacky who was lying in bed at the time. He was naive and horny in equal measure. While Rachel explained what the pamphlet was about, Jacky looked at it and got an erection. It was filled with diagrams of sexual positions – albeit it with red prohibitive crosses going through them. At the same time he was getting exited from hearing his mother making mention of sex. When Rachel noticed his swollen cock, she was aghast for a moment. Jacky’s reactions were precisely what she was trying to discourage. To make matters worse, he had a date that night. Well! No way could Rachel let her son out in that state. There was no telling what trouble his horniness might get him into.

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