My hairy, all-natural step daughter

Now that you have married Lara’s mom, she couldn’t be happier. Lara is happy to have you as a step dad. When she sits on the bed, though, her pussy peeks out. Whoops! Before you moved in, Lara rarely wore clothes in the house. Yes, she is a nudist, and she can tell immediately that you like what you see. She quickly takes off her dress and suggests that you, too, get naked. Natural is better! This is made evident as she raises her arm and you see her hairy armpit. She also has a hairy pussy. You find this refreshing and very exciting. You wonder what she smells like since the hair holds her bodily scents. Lara asks if you want to see her hairy pussy from behind and you accept her offer. It looks good to you, no matter the point of view. You briefly wonder how it might feel to fuck her hairy arm pits with your cock, but you are too shy to ask. She pulls at her pussy hair while encouraging you to jack off, but she thinks better of it and takes your cock into her hand instead. “Mom is really lucky,” she says as she rubs your dick. Her hairy pussy is now your focus while you finish yourself off. Lara suggests that you both be naked anytime her mom is not at home, and that thought is quite enough to bring you to a strong orgasm all over that nasty, hairy pussy.

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