My Mother Sleeping beauty

My Mother Sleeping beauty

Rachel’s daughter returned home with her boyfriend to find Rachel on the couch with an empty whiskey bottle in her hand. Her daughter was so embarrassed and offered to drag Rachel into her bedroom. Her boyfriend felt bad for her and told her he would take care of Rachel. The daughter went to her room to shower .John always thought Rachel was one hot MILF. This was his chance to get a piece of her without anyone knowing. Rachel was completely . He slowly unbuttoned her top and lifted her skirt. He pulled her tits out and sucked her erect nipples. He opened her legs and moved her panties to feel her pussy. This made him erect, his cock was throbbing. The thought of fucking her while she slept was overwhelming. He took her hand and rubbed it over his cock. He took his pants off and used her hand to jerk him. John gently kissed her on the lips as he tilted her head off the edge of the couch. He opened her mouth and slid his cock in and out. Rachel’s tongue was licking him as she slept. His cock was wet and he wanted to explode on her face. He mounted her lifting her leg in the air and he slid his cock in her wet pussy. Her body was responding to him like she was having a wet dream. He could not hold it and he pulled out jerking off onto her face. His load was huge, it shot on her bra and up into her hair. He left her like that. She would never know who did this, but he would remember forever.

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