My step sister’s secret

You caught your step sister Sami smoking and she is begging you not to tell your parents. She asks you to follow her inside so that she can try to convince you to keep quiet. She knows that you jerk off all the time and she asks you if you will keep her secret if she lets you jack off to her. You are more than happy to comply with her request and you get your cock out and immediately work it for Sami. She quickly takes her bra off and you know that her perky tits will keep your dick hard. As she slides off her shorts to reveal her ass, you are feeling lucky that you caught her smoking that nasty cigarette! Her hairless pussy looks virginal to you, but you suspect that Sami is a big slut. Either way, you are the winner today because you are rubbing one out to your naked step sister. If you tell your friends about your time with Sami, she tells you that you will never get to do this with her again. You can definitely keep a secret if she will let you jack off to her again! Sami asks to you cum into your hand so that you do not make a mess all over her bed, and you do exactly that before she kicks you out of her room.

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