Naughty Neighbors -1989-

Cast: Aja, Trinity Loren, Victoria Paris, Robert Bullock, Jon Dough, Tom Byron, Kassi Nova, Cheri Taylor

Victoria Paris stars in this lascivious look behind the closed bedroom doors of a typical American suburb. She plays the sex-crazed daughter of yuppie couple Cheri Taylor and Robert Bullock, bringing her curvaceous appeal to a pair of red-hot romps. Victoria enjoys a lusty lesbian liaison in her parents’ hot tub with buxom gal pal Kassi Nova in one early scorcher. This doesn’t seem to satisfy this carnal cutie, though, so Victoria next hooks up with football stud Tom Byron in a feverish fling. It’s not just Victoria who’s enjoying herself in this heated housing tract — her parents just happen to be salacious swingers who savor extramarital glee. Bullock gets down and dirty with gorgeous girl next door Aja, whose supercharged responses drive the scene to a frantic finish. Meanwhile, Cheri’s seducing a pair of hunky roofers. While hubby’s away, she might as well play! Their son (Jon Dough) is no slouch when it comes to freaky fun, romping with busty Trinity Loren and Mandi Wine in a pair of pulse-pounding plunges. If you thought that the suburbs were just a quiet place to raise a family, think again. In this come-hither community, the neighbors are naughty and the soccer moms are always ready for action!Hour – 839 MB

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