Nymphos Bathroom Breakdown

I was on my way to give a big presentation at work and stopped into the bathroom to freshen up. I ended up accidentally dropping my portfolio in the sink, ruining it. I was so upset – on the brink of tearsthen it happened. I started feeling the tingles all over my body again. Whenever I get upset or stressed out, my body takes over and I turn into a sexual an!mal, losing all control.
My hands had a mind of their own they began moving, grabbing, squeezing, groping. It was impossible to resist the urge to pleasure myself. I tried not to give in, not again. But it happened. The tingles turned into orgasmic waves, coursing throughout my limbs, making my pussy wetter than ever. I needed release; it was no longer my choice.
I ripped and tore and anything obstructing access to my own soft, hot skin. I manhandled my tender breasts under my bra, but not even that would give me satisfaction. My dripping pussy was throbbing for attention and my pants were in the way. I viciously ripped the crotch open, tearing all the way down my leg. Finally, after aggressively uncontrollable rubbing, my body succumbed to euphoric climax.
As I reemerged from my hedonistic state, I regretted my actions immediately. My clothes were shredded to pieces, completely unsalvageable. And so was my career.
Fantasy includes: nymphomaniac, orgasm, rubbing, clothes destruction, desperate female, groping


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