Oedipal Complex, Seeding Grandma

Oedipal Complex, Seeding Grandma

. In his grandmother’s bedroom, his eye-feast continued. Jessica got herself into all sorts of positions as she routed around for her shoes. Sometimes she stretched to check a high shelf; sometimes she got on her hands and knees to look under something. Aaron lost count of the hot flashes of flesh and panty that she accidentally gave him. That same evening, after supper, his grandmother excused herself and went upstairs to take a nap. Or so she said. In truth she was not tired at all. But she WAS feeling extremely horny and in need of some pussy relief. It was her own grandson that had gotten her worked up. She had always thought him a fine, handsome young man. Now her feelings for him were turning sexual. On her bed, she got her tits out and played with the a while. Then she parted her legs, tugged her panty crotch aside, and subjected her pussy to the longest and most intense of pleasing. Eagerly she rubbed the clit, massaged the mound, and fucked her fingers into her depths

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