Oh, daddy! I don’t wear underwear!

As the step father to Sasha, she looks up to you and she needs to talk to you. She wonders why she has had three boyfriends dump her in the last month. Is there something wrong with her? They say she is nerdy and lame, but she will not fuck them. Sasha thinks that she is a decent girl and she wonders what she could possibly do to change things. *poof* You kind of zone out and Sasha changes into a slutty daddy’s girl right in front of your eyes! She tells you to jack your dick and she offers up her sexy body for inspiration. “I’m not a little girl anymore,” she giggles. You briefly wonder how she knows how to tell you to handle your dick, but you quickly refocus your efforts on your sexy step daughter. Her expertly groomed pussy is spread before you as Sasha encourages you to cover her with your jizz. She sucks her toes as your hand continues to move up and down your beefy shaft. Then she flips over to show you her ass. “You’re such a good daddy to me!” Yes, you are a good daddy to her and you want to show her how good a daddy you are by feeding her a fat load of your sperm. “Make me your little cum dumpster, daddy,” she begs and you do just that. *poof* Whoops! Sasha startles you out of your spaced-out state and decides that it would be better to ask her mother for advice.


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