Peanut Butthurt And Jealous Daughter

Peanut Butthurt And Jealous Daughter

My oldest and most rebellious daughter Camille got kicked out of school for blackmailing her sorority sisters and making one of them fuck her Uncle. So to have her learn a little respect and responsibility I decided to give her my wife’s old closet as a bedroom. Not because it’s not as nice as her sisters rooms but because she will have to hear me fucking her sisters while she thinks about what she has done, and learn from her mistakes.
Well today she called me into her room claiming she had a “bone to pick with me”. She can’t take that she has to hear her sisters getting all the action all the time and not her. Camille wanted some action for herself! The tricky little said she just wanted to fuck but decided she wanted to force my cock in his asshole instead.

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