Private Dancer (PRIVATE)

Elena, Zenza Raggi, Ivy Crystal, Beata, Katalin, Sheyla, Gabriella, Roxe, Piroska, Jean Yves Le Castel, Attila, Frenecia C, Scoca O, Melinda R, Nicole K, Victoria M

Scene 1: In the Night
She is a private dancer. We know nothing about her ? she is a little strange at first. We see her being mugged and thrown on the ground, and a minute later she is having sex with a guy she just met in the fog. The sex is good though, but the video quality is low ? it?s grainy.

Scene 2: Blindfolded and Chained
She is looking for something. We then get a pass into her memories ? she is blindfolded and chained, sitting in a low chair in a huge room, and another private dancer is brought to her. The guy who brought the second girl joins them in a threesome. The scene would be much better if they had better-looking performers. The video quality is great.

Scene 3: Two Hookers
She is back to reality, and decides to go somewhere to spend time. She finds a nightclub and goes there. The first thing we see is two hookers polishing a guy?s dick. Another guy joins them. The sex is not very involving, and the scene has low video quality.

Scene 4: The Firemen
She?s looking for someone. Her quest brings her to a fire department, where she meets a lot of guys who are hungry for sex. She and another girl are banged by the guys for quite some time and in different positions. There?s plenty of oral, vaginal, and anal sex in this scene. The only bad thing about this scene is its video quality ? the picture is grainy again. It seems like this movie was shot for VHS and not for DVD.

Scene 5: Strip Club
She does not stop searching ? now we?re in a strip club. Several girls dance first, then have sex with the visitors. There is nobody on the stage, so the club manager looks at her ? she would be fine for dancing. She comes out and gives a professional strip dance performance and has sex with several guys. This scene contains a couple of double penetrations.
She wakes up in a bed with her husband ? it appears that it was all just a long dream of a horny housewife who always wanted more than Friday night sex.

Overall: this feature has a bunch of good-looking Hungarian girls and real life backgrounds. The bad sides of the movie are its video quality (a lot of the scenes are grainy and a little dark), audio quality (there is no good English sound track here ? it?s either Hungarian or some broken English ? and you can?t hear a word from their conversations ? either the music is too loud or the background noises are overwhelming), and of course, the plot is awful. The flick starts off as a mystery, and end up being a typical 80-s crap. This is the first time I am so deeply disappointed with a title by Private.

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