Promi Jaeger


Cast: N/A

In an auto repair shop Titus and Diether meet rising star Texas Patty. It takes less than 10 minutes until the bride has slipped Diether’s piece in her juicy mouth and let her ass hole out for sale. Two generous portions of sperm for dessert. In the music studio of Conny Dachs is Germany’s most frivolous MILF Julia Pink. Germany’s flagship fucker Conny does her, licking him even in fart hole and reveiving an asshole polishing. Of course swallowing. No less than Germany’s longest-serving adult queen Mandy Mystery is the next victim of our heroes. This MILF has been driving Germany crazy since her teen in the late 90s. Today Mandy presents short hair and gorgeous full natural tits and crease free crack-ass and horny as ever. Much, much fun!


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