Prove to me that you are not gay

Why are you sitting in the guest room of Krissy’s parents’ house when it is spring break? Are you gay? You do not seem to pay Krissy much mind, so she wonders whether you are gay or just shy. She feels that if you are not getting a hard-on by looking at her that you must be gay. Krissy begins sliding off her denim skirt and putting her ass on display. That makes your cock stir, which seems to please Krissy. She cannot resist reaching over to touch your dick and when she does, she immediately knows that you are not gay. Your dick is getting hard as she unzips your pants to get closer to your cock. Krissy strokes your cock as you shyly sit there watching her. She likes shy boys like you because she gets to do whatever she wants to do. Both of her hands move up and down your shaft and you watch her ass bounce up and down as she does so. Krissy knows that you really want to cum. She plays with her hairy pussy as she demands that you jerk your cock while you watch her masturbate. You have been ordered to cum hard all over her pussy and you cover her snatch with your white load. Krissy is finally satisfied that you are just a shy guy.

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