Red light, green light with Marie McCray

Marie wants to play a game with you today. Do you know how to play “red light green light”? Undo your pants and get out your cock. She gives you the green light and then she tells you to stroke your dick nice and slow so that your dick gets hard. You feel completely turned on and then she gives you the red light, so you have to stop! This is not going to be a typical jerk session with sexy Marie. She is in control of your every move and she knows you want to see her tits. Her creamy skin and red hair drives you crazy and her perky tits are excellent inspiration. As the game continues, you find that she knows how to build up the anticipation and then cut you off if you do not follow her rules. It is time for Marie to play with her pussy now and you want nothing more than to help her, but she has not given you the green light yet.and she might never give you that green light. You can see how wet she is when she slides her panties to the side to touch her pussy. As Marie works her pussy she becomes more aroused, as do you. She shows off her jiggly ass and that nearly puts you over the edge. Her hips gyrate in front of you and your dick can almost feel the heat from her pussy – and then she gives you the red light. Dammit! Is it not time to cum just yet, so calm down. You are going crazy from her being such a cock tease, but she finally gives you the green light once more. “My pussy is so wet for you,” she whispers, as she reminds you to keep jerking off. It appears that she might soon cum herself and you want to cum, too. Finally she permits you to blow your load all over and she smiles at the mess you have made.

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