Rub Me Down

I’m going to the pool, rub this sun screen on my back for me. That feels how did you figure out the password to my phone? I have an app that tells me when people access it, I know it was you. And I know why too. You were looking at my nudies, pervert. Don’t stop rubbing.
Do you jack off to your own sister? I mean, I don’t mind but I want to hear you say it. Rub lotion on my legs now. I’ve known you were sneaking peeks of me naked for a long time.and I kept adding news ones anyway. That’s right, I like that you’re turned on for me.
Looks like you’ve got a hard on right now.let me help you with that. Rub it against me.yeah down there. Mmm oh God it’s too much, you’ve got to put it inside of me.
Fantasy includes: taboo, lotion, virtual sex, virtual creampie, missionary, foreplay, stripping, bikini, pov

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