Sister Caught With Dad

Oh my God, did.did you just hear me and Dad together? You were supposed to be at soccer practice, what the hell are you doing back already? Embarrassing for you, how do you think I feel?! I know it looks really bad, but it’s not. Look, let me sit down and we can talk about this.
It’s just.ever since Mom left us, Dad has been coming to my room to talk and stuff. Then one night it happened. Don’t look at me like that, it’s so easy for you to get any chick at school, Mr Popular. But no guy likes me.except for Daddy. Pfft, don’t try to flatter’re just saying that because you’re my brother. It doesn’t matter anyway, you’re probably totally disgusted with me now.’re not? No way, this turns you on?? I can’t believe it, what are the chances you’d be ok with this, let alone actually like it.
Oh wow, you really *do* like it.I totally see your hard-on. No it’s ok, I’ve fantasized about having sex with you a bunch of times. You know, I’ll take my bikini off if you take your cock out right now. You wanna hear me talk more about Dad fucking me? Only if you let me stroke you.
I don’t want you to cum yet, I.I’m still really horny from earlier. It’s really naughty to ask you this, especially since Dad has already been inside of me today, but can you fuck me? Oh my God, you are so kinky big brother! You want to fuck me in the same position Daddy did too?!
Fantasy includes: taboo, virtual sex, brother/sister, daddy/daughter, slut, doggy style, bikini, strip tease, foreplay, cum encouragement, dirty talk, confession, pov

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