Sister Fucked After Party

Sister Fucked After Party

Our parents went out of town for the weekend and Courtney and I figured we’d go to a house party instead of being cooped up. It was a fun time, Courtney looked so hot in her dress and all the dudes were trying to hit on her, but I wasn’t going to have any of that. I kept her close to my side and made sure the horny bastards wouldn’t be getting ANYTHING from my little sister. We arrive home, I head to my bedroom and in comes drunk Courtney flopping on my bed tits falling out and all. Maybe this is my chance to fuck her. I lean in and kiss her. It’s on now, she pulls out my cock and starts sucking. She is amazing! I love watching the way she sucks and takes me all the way down her throat. She gets on top of me and rides me, leaning back so I can see my cock slip in and out of her tight pussy. I need to pound her so she lays back and moans while I fuck her hard and crazy. My little sister’s pussy feels so tight and wet. I can’t believe it’s even better than Iv’e imagined. She feels so good! I start thinking about how much I want to CUM inside her. I want to do it so badly but I’m not sure if mom and dad have put her on birth control yet, better not take the risk this time.I put her in doggy style and fuck her brains out till I explode a huge cum shot on her pretty ass. This sure was one hell of a party.

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