Sister Needs A Boyfriend

Guys can be such assholes! I need to vent – there’s this guy at my college who keeps like, sexually harassing me. I need to deter him from trying to get with me constantly. A boyfriend would be the best possible strategy, but I don’t wanna have to deal with the drama of a relationship; I need to focus on my work.
Hey could be my make-believe boyfriend. Yeah! You don’t have to do anything but be affectionate with me in public. You’d just have to touch me lovingly and stuff.are you uncomfortable with that? Here let’s do it right now to make you feel less uptight. How do my hands feel on your legs? Good right, what about your hands on my breasts? C’mon loosen up, this isn’t for real.
Oh now I see why you are uncomfortable with this – you’re totally hard. No no, that’s ok, but we should know, do it so that we don’t act super awkward about this in public. Well yeah when you see couples touching each other and stuff, they’ve already had sex.
Don’t be weird about this, look we’ll use a condom and it won’t be so naughty. I.I’m going to give you a blow job first ok? Mmm that’s not so bad, is it. You can’t blame me for wanting more.I’m really wet big brother. Please lay back and let me ride your cock, but I don’t want you to wear the condom for this part.
Fantasy includes: taboo, brother/sister, seduction, persuasion, simulated blow job, condom, virtual sex, cowgirl, riding, bouncing boobs, pov sex, virtual cream pie, xev bellringer, porn

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