Slutty Stepdaughter Takes a Bath

Were you going to spy on me taking a bath Daddy? I know you liked that special playtime we had a while ago, but you cannot keep coming to me for sexual attention, Mommy will send me away to boarding school or something. She already suspects your sexual interest in me, the more you visit the more jealous she’ll become. But I can’t lie, I’ve been fantasizing about that time I stroked your dick until you came. You were the first man I’d ever been with, none of these boys at school can compare. I can’t touch you like that again though, that was the last time. If you want to watch me soak and lather my body though, feel free to stay and enjoy me from afar. Mmm I see you’re already hard, you better just take it out and satisfy yourself. I know you want to touch me and you want me to squeeze and stroke you, but you only get to watch Daddy. Ooh yes, faster, get nice and sensitive for me Daddy. Mmm move over here. Isn’t it torturous that you can’t caress and massage my big boobs while I’m so close to you? I’ll give you ten seconds to cum for me Daddy, give me a nice big load! But you’ve gotta pretend you still want my Mom afterwards, otherwise I’ll get in trouble. And you’ll never see me again. Lets keep this between us –
Fantasy includes: taboo, role play, daddy daughter, bathtub fetish, jerk off instruction, cum countdown, pov, dirty talk

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