Son, I know you want to fuck me!

Son, I know you want to fuck me!

First Week With Mom – Dad would never talk about her. Sometimes I would ask what she was like or if he knew where she was now. My Dad would always say something like “Your Mother was a Whore,” or “She doesn’t care about us, that’s why she left.” Dad’s really got a way with words. I always felt I was never getting the whole story. A few weeks ago I finally tracked her down after searching online for over a year. My Dad and I had been fighting constantly, so a week ago I finally called my Mom for the first time and asked her if I could move in.. pt.2 I Know You Want Me – Son, You’ve been here for a week and you think you can just lounge around in your boxers? Why don’t you help me with this stretch, it’s hard to do by myself. I just have to wrap my legs around you. Thanks, that’s so much better. Son, I know you’ve been watching me. I know you want to fuck me. It’s OK, I want the same thing. Your Father was right about me, I am a whore. But he doesn’t matter anymore, you’re home now son, let me be your Mother..

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