Special homework session with my student Marie McCray

Your student Marie is sick, so you stopped by to bring her a little homework. She appreciates your kindness and she wants to thank you. Marie admits to having a crush on you. You seem a bit stressed and a little shy about being in her bedroom, but Marie wants you to take your dick out for her. It is soft and unimpressive right now, but Marie asks you to begin stroking it. She wants to see it get bigger as you look at her. You have always loved redheads, so you are unable to resist her advances. Marie takes off her shirt so that her perky tits are fully exposed. Now your dick is completely hard in your hand. Maries confesses that she plays with her pussy as she thinks about you and you cannot believe your luck as she slides off her panties. As she smacks her clit, you feel the pressure building in your balls, but when she puts her ass up in the air, you have to squeeze your dick so that you do not cum immediately. You do love a sexy ass like hers. Marie is eager to watch your dick spew out a big load and you do just that.


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