Step-S1ster Catches You Jerking

Your step-sister Lacey has been a bitch to you ever since your dad and her mom got together. She is either ignoring you or saying something snotty about you under her breathe. As long as you stay in your room, you can ignore her. You sit back and turn on some porn and decide to jerk off to relax yourself. Right when you are at the edge, she opens your door. You are caught with your hand in your dick. . . oh this is terrible, what is this bitch going to say now. She slowly closes the door. She is being nice. She tells you that she wants you to finish. She wants to see you cum. You are confused but when she says she will help you jerk off, how can you refuse? She says that she wants to be your inspiration. She starts to model for you while you stroke.She even gives you a countdown and tells you when to cum. You have the best orgasm of your fucking life. Little did you know, your life is about to change. Right after you cum, she tells you that she was using her phone to record everything you said. What the fuck is she going to do to you now??? You can say goodbye to your free time and your money for starters.

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