Stiletto Yoga

Would like you to do a sexy yoga routine but in your highest heels, such as your stripper heels. Plus either tight leggings or maybe Yoga pants, and a bare midriff top, put your hair in single ponytail workout style. So, kind of a basic Yoga workout outfit and look except in stripper heels LOL I think this will be hot!! Then do a sexy, sensual yoga routine, back arches, ass up, see if you can put the heels to good use with some standing positions. Start it off like you’re just doing yoga on your own oblivious to camera, but then you notice the camera and are like “I know you’re watching this sexy routine..getting off to it..that’s OK, I like that.let’s have some fun with this” be giggly and friendly about that, kind of welcoming me to stroke to your routine. “You have to be quick about it, though, I don’t have much time to work out today”.

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