Study break with Nadia Styles

A girl wearing eye glasses and cute knee socks is your perfect jacking off image and your girl Nadia is exactly that today. Nadia is not having sex with you today, though. She has to study for an exam, but you really need to get off. Your persistence pays off sort of. There will be no sex, but Nadia needs to make you go away while she studies. She promises to get you off if you promise to let her finish her studying. You agree to her terms because your balls feel like they could burst at any second. She tells you to get your dick out and rub it till it gets nice and hard. When she lets you see her tits, that really gets you going since you love titty fucking Nadia so much. You want more from her, though. Nadia delivers when she begins playing with her wet pussy. Those fat labia feel so good wrapped around your shaft when you fuck her. She turns around and your focus is on her ass briefly. There is no part of Nadia that is not jack-off worthy! She is keenly aware that you are ready to cum and you get it all over the place. You feel much better now, don’t you?

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