The Life Erotic – Alexis Brill

Alexis Brill – My Truth Freedom 2

Date published: July 14, 2015

The storyline of this intriguing series takes a new twist as we focus on Assoli’s call-girl friend, Alexis Brill. She has left her boyfriend, but he sends her a gift, proclaiming his love. As she tries on the pretty jewelry she begins to tug on her G-string, sawing it between her ass cheeks and against her pussy. She licks her fingers and slides them up and down between her pussy lips and into her hot hole, pushing them deeper as her pleasure grows. She wriggles out of her panties and pulls her shirt open to expose her pert breasts, then fingers herself harder, her hips undulating to ride out the horny sensations. Moving to her knees with her peachy ass in the air, she finger-fucks herself vigorously, seeming quite overcome by the intensity of her arousal, then turns onto her back with her hips raised high to frig herself to even greater heights of ecstasy. She rides her fingers to an orgasm that sweeps through her whole body, her eyes straying back to the box that brought her lover’s gift as the waves of pleasure subside.

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